M+ is part of the Mapei group and as such adheres to the Code of Ethics and business conduct of the group.

Design resilience

Each collection’s design and industrialization journey has sustainability among its key concepts – meant as durability over time.

This approach to research requires us to create collections that stand the passing of time, embodying an idea of contemporary classic that exceeds the concept of fashion, that can be too transient for the world of interiors.

In the research and development phase of each collection we keep high standards of project selection, in terms of experimentation and durability. Each proposal has to pass through time, adapting itself to varying contexts and maintaining its design quality unaltered.

We call it “design resilience“.

Team Design

Our approach to design is always collective and inclusive.

Our peculiarity is a chain of integrated relationships and a continuous exchange between creative direction, designers, production, marketing office, graphic and web agency and photographer – to the point that we can talk about “team design” (group design) respecting all the individual roles.

This approach allows us to optimize every set goal and to be sure that the project chain is protected and valued to the maximum.

Cost ethics

Producing innovation has always been an ambitious goal.
Producing innovation and respecting cost containment is even more.

We strive every day to design and produce surfaces that represent innovation, focusing on the optimization of the necessary investments to reach the final product in order to ensure the best price in relation to the offered quality and innovation.