Quilt is produced as a 94×94 mm square of through-body porcelain stoneware scored so that a segment can be broken off from the rest of the material after grouting.

Quilt is available in three base shades, and each colour is available in smooth and structured (raw) variants. The range includes variants in which the detachable segment is in different colours.

The squares can be installed in a regular pattern to create a sequence of geometrical figures, or unevenly in a contemporary form of Venetian Seminato.

In random layouts, we recommend use of 50% whole-colour Quilt and 50% coloured segment version*. Quilt is suitable for indoor and outdoor floor, wall coverings and pavings and immersion (swimming pools).

*The product must be installed with a 3 mm joint between modules, with the aid of the spacers supplied in the pack. Depending on the destination of use, for Quilt we suggest a polymer modified cementitious grout or a coarse-grained epoxy grout. For further information please contact us

Laying Patterns

A Chalk (100%)

B Chalk Raw (100%)

C Chalk (50%)
Chalk Ochre (50%)

D Chalk (50%)
Chalk Cameo (50%)

E Chalk (50%)
Chalk Sugar Paper (50%)

F Chalk (50%)
Chalk Ochre (16,66%)
Chalk Cameo (16,66%)
Chalk Sugar Paper (16,66%)

G Chalk Ochre(100%)

H Chalk Cameo(100%)

I Chalk Sugar Paper(100%)

L Clay (100%)

M Clay Raw (100%)

N Clay (50%)
Clay Mud (50%)

O Clay Mud(100%)

P Mud(100%)

Q Mud Raw(100%)

R Mud(50%)
Mud Slate (50%)

S Mud Slate(100%)

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