P-saico is a project developed by Marialaura Irvine based on the material and modularity concept of Sticks.

It consists of 10×30 mm stick fragments – 6 mm thick – mounted on fiber glass mesh in irregular patterns to create 315×320 mm modules. The way the modules are composed and the grouting generate a contemporary version of Venetian Seminato.

P-saico is a semi-artisanal product, with unique aesthetic connotations: differences in surface flatness and tone variations are intrinsic characteristics of the product and, if enhanced during installation, they enhance the exceptional aesthetics of this collection.

*P-Saico is only available in the Mix variant. Depending on the destination of use, for P-saico we suggest a polymer modified cementitious grout or a coarse-grained epoxy grout. For further information please contact us.

ADI Design Index

P-saico has a different look depending on the tone of the grout, especially the Mèlange versions.

Smoke Coal TV.3424M laid with
light Ultracolor Plus 113 and
dark Ultracolor Plus 114 grout

Plaster Coal TV.1424M laid with
light Ultracolor Plus 100 and
dark Ultracolor Plus 114 grout

Coal TV.424M laid with
Ultracolor plus 114 grout

Smoke TV.324M laid with
Ultracolor plus 113 grout

Clay Smoke TV.2324M laid with
light Ultracolor Plus 112 and
dark Ultracolor Plus 113 grout

Plaster Clay TV.1224M laid with
light Ultracolor Plus 100 and
dark Ultracolor Plus 112 grout

Clay TV.124M laid with
Ultracolor plus 112 grout

Plaster TV.224M laid with
Ultracolor plus 100 grout

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