Vitreous mosaic of stained-glass, obtained from voluminous slabs – 2-3 mm thick – made through a process of extrusion of glass and enamels.

Jointed is a mosaic made of chips that are hand-cut with a diamond cut accessory and then mounted on glass fibre mesh to form sheets of 308×308 mm. The cutting process is handmade and produces sharp edges.

Jointed can display a full color or a veined effect*. Jointed is available in five layouts.

* To cut the stained glass, please use a diamond: the glass will easily break in correspondence of the incision.  Alternatively, please use a continuous crown diamond disc.

For those environments that imply a direct contact with the product – such as showers, swimming pools and spas – we suggest smoothing the edges of the mosaic through an annealing process. For further information please contact the technical office.

Registered design

ADI Ceramic Bathroom Design Award
ADI Design Index

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