Mosaico+ becomes M+

Mosaico+ diventa M+

becomes M+

Mosaico+ diventa M+
Mosaico+ diventa M+

Mosaico+ becomes M+

Since 2008, Mosaico+ has made its mark in the field of flooring and wall covering.

Today it is renewed and becomes M+ (emmepiù), an immediate name for an inclusive container, open to new formats and matters, with the aim of creating materials for the interior and architecture characterized by a strong drive for research and innovation.

The vision of M+ is guided by the commitment to create surfaces suited for maintaining their contemporary quality with the desire to be an inspiration in the development of a collective design model. The dream is to be able to shorten the distances between people and design.

“We are committed to creating surfaces suited for maintaining their contemporary quality. We practice choral work among different professions. We inspire those who dare.”

Stefano Nencioni

splits in two

M+ Surfaces unit is dedicated to experimentation and gathers those collections that take unconventional direction; M+ Mosaics unit is dedicated to tradition and gathers the brand’s historical.

The new path of design and industrialization of the collections is characterized by a strong focus on sustainability – meant as durability over time.

Producing innovation while respecting cost containment is an ambitious goal, which M+ sets itself by designing innovative surfaces while respecting the sustainability of the final cost.

M+ has a collective and inclusive approach to design. What distinguishes the brand is a chain of integrated relationships and a continuous exchange of skills, to the point that it can be defined as group design -respectful of individual roles.