what is M+ATES?

M+ATES is a program that focuses on promoting relations between the M+ team and architects, design studios, interior decorators and contractors.
M+ATES was created to build a community. As a member, you will be able to access a number of benefits and project design supports.

how to join M+ATES?

    • The first thing to do is to sign up with the form.
    • After registering, you will receive an official welcome email with your credentials. This email will also contain the contact data of both your sales manager – who you can get in touch with at any time – and the customer service.
    • Once you have your credentials, you can access the reserved area.


As an affiliate of the M+ATES program, you are entitled to a set of benefits:


After you have registered, you will receive a limited-edition welcome Gift.

Temporary offer

By subscribing to M+ATES, you will be able to access the temporary offers we’ll be periodically proposing. These temporary offers are price proposals that only last for a limited period and concern one collection at a time.

You can take advantage of them by registering your project using the special form you’ll find in the reserved area. After uploading your project, you will be given a discount code without time limits to be used exclusively for the collection promoted by the temporary offer. The discount will apply to the final purchaser, who must be in possession of the code.

Project support

Our design office will provide you with support for the projects you intend to upload. This service will cover the compositional and technical-application aspects involved in the creation of surface cladding using our materials. You can apply for this service by contacting your sales manager or our customer service.


In the registered area you will find the high resolution images of all the M+ products, Surfaces or Mosaics.


By registering with M+ATES you will be able to obtain previews of the new+ collections before they are officially launched.

how we stay in touch

We want to create a community based on teamwork and simple communication. To do this, our first step will be to activate a privileged channel you can use to contact us.
You can interact with your sales manager regarding any questions about your project and with Bianca Pedrazzini (b.pedrazzini@mplusdesign.it), who handles the program communication issues and coordinates everything.


Answers to frequent questions.

Yes, there are no subscription costs.

The membership doesn’t have an expiry date.

Of course, please contact your dedicated sales manager to require the samples.

Your dedicated sales manager will lay out the various purchase options.

You can download all the needed papers from the projects registration area.

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