Massimo Nadalini was co-founder and product&communication manager for Brix – a pioneer company in the field of surfaces for architecture.

Massimo began his career as Creative Director and R&D counselor in 2015.

He has been responsible for Decoratori Bassanesi rebranding project and collaborates with M+ since 2018 as Creative Director.

Massimo curates both designer recruitment and product R&D for the companies he works with, selecting numerous personalities such as:

Jean Marie Massaud, Vincent Van Duysen, Nendo, Claudio Silvestrin, Paola Navone, Sebastian Herkner, Guglielmo Poletti, Andrée Putman, L+R Palomba, Naoto Fukasawa, Michael Anastassiades, Lex Pott, Piet Hein Eek, Keiji Takeuchi and others.

He developed various products for Brix, Decoratori Bassanesi, Settecento and M+.

design LO STUDIO + Massimo Nadalini

Cru / Colombage / Mikado are a system of collections made in glazed porcelain stoneware.

M+ Primal design Lo Studio Design + Massimo Nadalini

design LO STUDIO + Massimo Nadalini

M+ Primal - LO STUDIO + Massimo Nadalini

Primal is a collection of glazed porcelain stoneware, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, has a thickness of 10 mm and is available in 5 colors in the format 90×90 cm and in 3 colors in the format 60×120 cm.

Primal is characterized by a surface that is not perfectly regular and by an aesthetic in seeded, whose uneven distribution and changes of tone are desired. The random arrangement of the material ensures maximum surface naturalness.

design LO STUDIO + Massimo Nadalini

M+ CRACK! design Lo Studio Design + Massimo Nadalini

The mosaic becomes a seamless surface, when the chips and the joint generate a single pattern that overcomes the sheet’s outline.

Cuts of matter from out of square geometries enter a regular grid where the joints mark the rhythm of the gaze.

Crack! resolutely shifts the point of view from the chips to the grid that contains them, reaching continuity through a dialogue between container and joint.

design CARDO + Massimo Nadalini

Cut-up is a collection of full-body porcelain stoneware suitable for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and walls.

Once the modules have been laid and grouted, they are no longer legible and the surface becomes a complex combination of different elements, shapes and dimensions.

design Massimo Nadalini

Sticks_design Massimo Nadalini_MIx Coal

Sticks is a collection of through-body porcelain stoneware modules suitable for indoor and outdoor floor, wall coverings and pavings and immersion (swimming pools).


design Massimo Nadalini

Jointed is a vitreous mosaic of stained-glass, obtained from voluminous slabs made through a process of extrusion of glass and enamels.

The cutting process is handmade and produces sharp edges. Jointed can be colored with solid and flat colors or have a veined surface.