Custom Mosaics

M+ offers a service of product customization both as an adaptation of its ranges a creation of customised materials for architectural and interior design projects.

We put in place a mix of refined skills, experimentation and cultural knowledge of mosaic to create tailor-made designs and replicas of inspirational photos, using the artistic technique of computerized mosaic and opus.

The colour range is virtually infinite, while the colours themselves are vividly brilliant.
The traditional mosaic can be created:

  • indirectly, by working on a paper backing that is then applied onto the wall or floor
  • directly, onto a permanent support or glass fibre mesh that is later applied to the final support.

custom artistic tecnique

This is considered the most noble of all mosaics. The chips are generally created in Venetian enamels, obtained by melting the glass in a crucible and then pressing it to transform the raw material into a rainbow of coloured disks.

The colours are limited to the standard range of production, so the final effect is somewhat economic compared to traditional technique, although rich in detail.
The fragments are assembled according to the drawing on sheets of paper of various sizes, which are then cut and numbered. Through their setup, the fragments generate an irregular pattern that follows the design lines.

custom opus incertum

A technique that is deeply rooted in the construction works of ancient Romans.
The chips that make up the mosaic are in glass paste in an industrial format and then cut by hand with special pliers into halves or quarters or irregularly, according to specific proportions and to the subject.

Some of the chips retain their original sizes while others are cut and shaped to fit the design.

custom opus tesselatum
ad andamento

Mosaic panel created with industrially produced glass paste chips with glossy or iridescent finishings, assembled with the running pattern technique.

custom computer technique

This artistic technique allows the transformation of an inspirational image into a mosaic, thanks to a sophisticated computerized image-processing technique. Industrial glass chips are assembled and mounted on an orthogonal grid on mesh or paper.

M+ customisation services vary from adapting an existing product for a specific destination to developing a brand new one that perfectly meets the needs of architectural and interior projects.
The chips may be of different sizes: 10×10, 15×15, 20×20 and 23x23mm. Mosaic dimensions will increase proportionally to the quantity of details in the subject, which will be clearly visible with the application of an optimal reading distance. This technique is suitable for vast surfaces such as swimming pools, walls and in general those areas that are moderately distant from the point of view.

Every custom mosaic is unique. Get in touch for hints and information.