Since 2018 Mosaico+, today M+, has started a research path on the theme of contemporary surfaces.

We started from the historical concept of the mosaic – a surface made up of fragments of matter held together by the joint – to arrive at a fluid vision of “small” as a constitutive element of plans that are ideally seamless.

We have recently experimented with the use of new materials, including full-body porcelain stoneware, creating new collections.

Over the years, some of these collections have been selected for important awards in the world of interior design.

ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Award 2018

Diamond design Mosaico+
Jointed design Massimo Nadalini

ADI Booth Design Award 2019

Cersaie 2019 design Lo Studio Design

ADI Design Index 2019

Jointed design Massimo Nadalini

Archiproducts Design Award 2020

P-saico design Marialaura Irvine

ADI Design Index 2020

Mist design Kensaku Oshiro
P-saico design Marialaura Irvine