Mosaico+ becomes M+, an immediate name for an inclusive container, open to new formats and materials.


We are committed to creating surfaces suited for maintaining their contemporary quality. We want to be an inspiration in the development of a collective design model. We dream of shortening the distances between people and design.

M+ About us


We design surfaces that enhance the truth of the matter.
We practice choral work among different professions. We inspire those who dare.


our expertise

We create materials for interiors and architecture, characterized by a strong drive for research and innovation.

We mean Made in Italy in a broader sense, that enhances the design of the product and ensures its Italian quality.

We offer floor and wall materials and provide qualified technical support to designers and customers throughout the project life cycle, from the concept to the choice of the ideal material up to the final details.

We work side by side to find and develop the best solutions for domestic, commercial and public environments.    


M+ consists in two divisions

M+ Surfaces

The division of experimentation. It gathers all collections where the idea of mosaic evolves in unconventional directions, taking the concept of traditional mosaic and creating a seamless and unending surface.


M+ Mosaics

The division of tradition, which collects Mosaico+ historical collections.


Certificazione ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 – CQY CertiQuality

Design, sales and technical assistance to the installation of glass mosaics and artistic mosaics, ceramic surfaces, natural stone and other materials.
Sales of building materials in general.